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Apple allows users to have more than one iTunes library on one computer.
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Discover how to create and use more than one iTunes library on one computer

While almost every house is usually a smartphone per person (if not more), it's natural to find that there is a computer that is shared with the whole family. But this does not necessarily mean that we also share our iTunes library with the rest, so today we'll show how you can create and use multiple libraries on one computer.

It is normal that several members of the same family do not share the same tastes when it comes to music, watch movies or read books. For this reason, we believe that this tutorial can be helpful, as each person using the same computer can have its own iTunes library content to your own taste.

How would you like things to separate smaller house your collection of favorite music? In just a few minutes you will have created all the libraries you need to your computer, regardless of whether it is Windows or Mac. We started!

How to create multiple iTunes libraries on one computer

One of the alternatives that exist to create multiple logins on the computer, but there is another very simple way we tell you then. As we said a moment ago, this tutorial serves both Windows and Mac and is very simple.

The first thing to do is completely out of iTunes in case you're using. Then you have to open it again by holding down the Alt (Mac) or Shift (Windows) key while clicking on the program and not let go while running.

Then a pop-up window in which you have to click on the "Create Library" see displayed. Now you just have to choose a name and location where you want to stay saved and click "Save." As you can see, by default all libraries are stored in the Music folder, but you can change it around if you like.

Once you have created will be completed to open iTunes to this new empty library, ready to store all your music, movies, TV shows, apps, books, podcasts and more, which you can then sync to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch . If you want more just shut everything down and repeat the steps as many times as you need.

How to choose which iTunes library use

Now, when you open iTunes you can enjoy your content without having everything in only one. The process to choose which you want to open is also very simple. To do this, you have to open it like when you go to create a new library, that is, hold down Alt on Mac or Windows Shift while clicking on the program.

However, this time you must press the "Select Library" option. A new pop-up window where you can choose your own and once you have it selected click on the "Open" opens.

Each iTunes library can choose to do different preferences for the iTunes Media folder, the content types that are displayed or set parental control settings (very useful when we have kids who walk home with your computer), among others. Also, I must say that they can be changed at anytime from the Preferences menu while we are using.

From iMore said the iTunes library can be very useful, for example, to separate the music from times like Christmas other applications or content you have prepared for a special trip. You'll always have it organized and not be a hassle to find what you need, especially when you have a lot of content.

Did you know this little trick? What do you think?

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